The Magic Penny Projects

With the completion of a community center, wells for portable water, sanitation facilities, Ebola sensitization projects and the Gladys Caulker LeFevere Primary School, The Magic Penny now turns its focus to a capital campaign to build a middle school.

School Garden – the creation of a one-acre garden will allow students to grow crops and tend small animals. Materials needed include tools and gardening implements, seeds, plants, small animals such as goats, sheep and chickens, and fencing.

Paving – the Sierra Leone climate supports constant mud underfoot, thus there is a great need to create walkways around much of the school area. The children will also need a recreational field of approximately 5,000 square feet to play sports. It is also essential to create a covered patio that will serve as a kitchen area for the school.

Salaries – the addition of at least one female teacher to serve as a role model, a school custodian and security officer, a gardening instructor; and a government appointed nurse will require added funds.
Supplies – there is an ongoing need to provide school supplies as well as first aid supplies.

Ebola Sensitization Project
– Hand washing demonstration for the community to model healthy practices that will help stop the ebola outbreak

Ebola Sensitization Project At Bompehtoke

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Ebola Sensitization Project At Bompehtoke

School Construction Progress

School Construction Progress-May 2010