Our Projects

With the completion of a community center, wells for potable water, sanitation facilities, Ebola sensitization projects and the Gladys Caulker LeFevre Primary School, The Magic Penny now turns its focus to a capital campaign to build a middle school.



The Magic Penny proudly showcases its accomplishments:

The construction of the Gladys Caulker LeFevre Primary School in Bompehtoke: The school, officially opened in April 2011, serves the students of six cluster villages.


Local craftsmen built the desks and chairs for the Gladys Caulker LeFevre Primary School.


With sewing machines and fabric supplied by TMP, local villagers make the children’s school uniforms.


While Bompehtoke is a coastal village, wells for potable water are at a premium. TMP built wells for the village, and one exclusively for use by the school.


TMP provided the funds to clear an area for soccer, and then got donations for soccer kits to spur the Gladys Caulker LeFevre team on to victory!


Since Bompehtoke is on the Atlantic Ocean, sand is ever present. TMP raised funds to get the front of the school paved so that children do not drag sand and mud into the classrooms.


The scourge of Ebola took its toll on West African countries, but Bompehtoke was spared, in part due to the emergency fundraising efforts of The Magic Penny. Funds were used to provide essential disinfectants and buckets, medical supplies, protective masks and gloves and most important, stipends for the local nurse and teachers to share preventive health techniques and information.